Friday, September 21, 2012

cropped challenge 3

make something using subway art


  1. Very cool layout! The colors and fonts fit your pictures so well. Great job!

  2. Whoa, this is totally cool. That dog looks like one I won't want to tangle with. There is a lot of time involved in getting the dog and officer together. Each of them being trained to do their jobs, then being trained to communicate with each other.

    You've done a fantastic job journaling in this layout. Wowzers, so inventive you are.

    Love you - Leslie

  3. Blogspot makes me crazy! I used to have a blog on Blogspot. USED to.

    Third try. Now what the heck did I say before? Never mind. This layout is totally cool! I love how you have used the different types of letters and words to section off each area for the photos. Then using stars as a further delineater.

    I see K-9 Units a lot in my work. The time it takes to train the dog and the officer, separately, then the further training to unite the dog and officer; get them to communicate with each other, takes a long time to perfect. Looks like this is a true team :D

    Awesome layout.

    Love you - Leslie

    1. yes i'm very pround of both my children. i got lucky even tho i raised them alone they turned out great. and since my son got his dog gabber i don't worry about him as much