Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my new blog

my very first post i guess should tell you about me and what's this blog is all about. i'm tina and this is my way of trying to get back in the swing of life. 3 years ago at work i dropped a skid on my foot and fractured my toe. no biggie right..wrong. it never got better just worse. diagnosed with RSD. many drugs and therapy. fast forward to now. a fairly good drug regimen a spinal cord stimulator. but still suffering from deep depression and not wanting to be around people. nov 9 will be getting surgery to fix my stimulator my battery decided it didn't want to stay in my hip. so i'm gonna have alot of time on my hands. my first love is egg carving but because of the RSD can't do it as much as i like. but i have a cricut expression, cricut imagine, and gypsy. plus many other paper crafting gadgets. so this blog will be of my paper crafting or using my assorted gadgets. i do not profess to be the inventor of any of these projects. i have learned so much from the many bloggers and message boards on the internet. and will leave links where appropriate. welcome and be nice i'm new. appreciate any comments or suggestions.

want more info on RSD;


  1. I also have RSD and know how painful and trying it can be. Stay positive and keep crafting. Remember that anything that you do that makes you happy makes your body produce endorphines...which makes you feel better, a natural pain killer. My crafting is a way I help deal with my pain from RSD and fibromyalgia. I'm proud of you Tina!

  2. I aso have this monster have to take plenty of meds and had the spinal cord stimulator implanted on 2006.I have it on my arms it developed right after cervical spine with fusion.